venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Tammy McCarron

After graduating with a Master in Translation Studies at the University of Glasgow in 2013, I was looking for an opportunity to immediately put my degree into practice and to further improve my skills, as one thing I have learnt is that in translation, you have never finished learning! An internship at Kosmos seemed the perfect way to combine the two things.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by the team and immediately felt at ease. The company is dynamic with young, highly skilled staff that are passionate about translation and quality.

This last aspect has been a true pleasure, as quality seems to be an aspect that is on the decline in translation.  
Here it is essential and there are several stages that a translation goes through before being delivered to the client. This has meant that I am able to translate, edit and proofread a variety of texts, with great “mentors” on hand to clear up any doubts. Seeing the choices of other translators and having the ability to consult the team on any doubts is really teaching me a lot.

I have only been here for two weeks and feel that I have already improved greatly and I hope this continues for the rest of my internship.

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